Sunday, November 28, 2010

Live Your Fantasy

Forget 'Black Friday'.  If I had any inkling of shopping- stores opening at 3AM killed any shopping spirit in me. Instead, we celebtarted 'Green Friday' here.

Our oldest son, Trevor, is working in the Rocky Mountains. When he called to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving- he reported his work day began in -10 degrees below zero temperature. To Trevor and others visiting from where that kind of chill is possible- eat your hearts out. The fuchsia, iris and rose portraits were taken yesterday.

Next week, I anticipate the salad greens will be mature enough to start snipping away. The two six packs of lettuce may need some supermarket assistance- but not much.

If it makes you feel better- Our Diamond Bar Eden comes with a price. On the calendar tomorrow: chasing gophers, slugs and snails. Our garden war here never ends. Only the critters change.

Thanks to Katie McCreary the Christmas decorating is almost finished. She's the official miracle worker this holiday. While my recovery from foot surgery has felt rather miraculous- no way were the 35 boxes (Gerry counted) were making their way down from the attic and mostly arranged in the house without her help. THANK YOU, Katie! And Gerry. You had an idea of what I did this time of year. Now you know.

It doesn't get more romantic than meals in front of the fire
There is an advantage to a long marriage. If you hang in there- with planning, patience and persistence you can live your fantasy. Our fantasy was to make our home in the spirit of a bed and breakfast.

 Every year, moving the furniture around to make room for the Christmas tree becomes a bit more like solving Rubik's cube. This year the little bistro table which became our game table gave us that ah-ha moment when I realized it could be draped with tableclothes already owned and centered on the fireplace.

When the setting is this romantic, hot dogs, chips and beer are a celebration.

 However, nothing like having your own home as a personal resort to create an opportunity to go seductive.

Last visit our soon-to- be daughter in law- Shannon Morris- brought some Wilson's Creek Sparkling Almond "Champagne"  . Breathing in the tiniest golden sparklers twinkling free of the blond beverage, we plotted what we might plan to serve the next time we shared this unusual almond-tinted darling. What would really show off  the unusual taste that presents itself at the tip of the tongue? 

Shannon and I dreamed up a  hot brie appetizer- presented wrapped in a filo jacket,  dried cranberries casually strewn atop, allowed to melt in. Finished with a glaze of dried apricots in jam....

What is your fantasy?


Tara Dillard said...

"Our garden war here never ends. Only the critters change."

Profound metaphor.

Aren't we lucky to enjoy living life thru the never ending garden war????

Grace & blessing.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Lydia said...


Oregon Sue said...

Love all the pictures. Love the tree and the fire with the table set for romance. What a cutie pie Katie is! How lucky you are. Thanks for that. xo

nikkipolani said...

How lovely to have Katie help with all that decorating! Everything looks so very cozy and full of good cheer. Almond champagne sounds wonderful indeed. Enjoy your salad and, as it hotdogs? in front of your fire :-)