Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Savoring- Organic Mood Lifters and Pesto Deviled Eggs

"If Mohammad can't go to the mountain, let the mountain come to Mohammad."

As a writer, there are long swaths of time where time at the keyboard makes the garden just outside like a mirage to  to a thirsty man walking across the dessert. Just out of reach.

Along with exercise and kisses - sunlight is an organic anti-depressant. Bringing my garden into my office is my way to avoid need for "pharmaceutical intervention" or vices associated with my profession.

Creating a bouquet of fresh flowers and herbs from the garden enlivens the senses. Trimmings of a half dozen Cinco de Mayo roses to stuff between trusses of  blue Basil and a single exclamation point of scented geranium on my desk make it a holiday.

Anyone whose family has escaped dreary climates understands that what makes a day at the beach in Southern California delightful is sunshine. Why? The body responds emotionally to colors defined in full spectrum.

Admit it. We all know  hydroponic suppliers know full spectrum lighting better than anyone else. The evidence: we humble homeowners struggle to keep a philodendron alive while a certain crop is invariably lush and healthy when the homes are busted. Usually with no one living there.

After years of struggling ill-repute- hydroponic suppliers are main stream. No need to park a block away to walk into the store dressed like a spy- in trench coat, dark sunglasses, hat and carrying cash. No. Pull up to the front parking spot wearing normal go-to mall clothes and use any credit card you haven't maxed out):-.

Bonafide Hydroponics in Brea set me up with  my new office lighting. 3 low-profile linkable full spectrum fixtures. Gerry hung them in the closet cum bookshelf.  No ugly fixture to look at. Just divine light at the flick of a switch.

Good food is essential to happiness. Oregon Sue sent over a gem of an idea. Pesto deviled eggs. So simple. No need for a recipe- just set the ingredients on the counter and go to town.

Hard boiled eggs, halved lengthwise
Salt, White Pepper and Italian Herb seasoning to taste

Whip until smooth.

Stir in
Finely diced red bell pepper

 A drizzling just a spot more pesto sauce and sprinkling of a tad more finely diced red bell pepper dresses up the appearance suitable for a party. Perfect to serve with a Bloody Mary or plain V8 Juice wih a celery stir stick.. 

Red and green- this combination is perfect for the visual tidings of the holiday season.


Oregon Sue said...

Ha ha ha... glad you liked the pesto deviled egg idea. Since that worked so well, it opens up a myriad of possibllities..... canned salmon, tuna, caviar (yes!), bacon, capers, blue cheese, wasabi, shrimp, ranch, parmesan, salsa, guacamole,Greek (feta cheese, chopped Klamata olives, oregnao) Oh my, I'm salivating! Love ya! xo Sue

Lydia said...

Sue- You are so right. They also make the BEST filling for egg salad tea sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the sunshine and roses! What a great idea to include other aromatics with your bouquets. Just spent an hour or two in the garden deadheading and watering since the Santa Anas have been at work.

Anonymous said...

Who wudda thunk Oregon Sue's pesto deviled eggs would unleash Pandora's Box of recipe ideas. :) The humble hard boiled egg goes gourmet and then some.
I love your idea of a vase filled with aromatic goodies from the garden.Love fresh cut flowers and herbs. I'm getting ready to cut back my two bay laurel trees. Lydia, if you would like a big bunch let me know.
XO Edda

Lydia said...

Edda! Roses and bay leaves are a favorite of mine. Please let me know when to take advantage of your kind offer.


glenda said...

My favorite part of the day is when I bring the outside in. Yes, it is a spirit-lifter! The pesto deviled eggs is a great idea for a holiday party hor d'oeuvres.

My bay laurel tree is out of control! How much do you want, Lydia?

And I will be interested to hear about your ventures in hydroponics!

catecrandell said...

Yay, Lydia! I can't wait to see you back :)

Anonymous said...


I don't know how I miss some of your posts! I just happen to click on your blog link at the bottom of your note and by golly there was a new one! That has happened before.

I make deviled eggs for nearly every central committee. I like to add a variety of things. Garlic, black olives, etc. I will have to give the pesto a try.

Love your lighting and your roses.
I am just surprised that you braved the mall with that foot. It's a chore for me to walk the mall with good feet! Can't say much for the legs but I have just about decided that I need to hike up my street every day for exercise. Maybe I could go a little farther each day than the day before. Running Branch is pretty steep!

Hugs, Trisha

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It all sounds GREAT! Particulaly those Pesto Deviled Egs.....YUUUUUUMMMMM!