Thursday, February 17, 2011

After the storm

"After the Storm" by Gene Sasse

The wine on Valentines Day was like the sunset image Gene sent over after the rain passed through. Dark with a sparkle within which lifts brooding beauty to perfection.

The wine with the inky-purple soul was a 2007 Michael Pozzan Merlot.  Light from the chandelier pushed the color through the crystal bowl, lighting up the faceted knobs of the stem to sparkle like faceted rubies.

Before a single sip- we are enchanted with this love-child of fourth generation wine maker whose roots in the craft go back 3 more generations, to Italy.

How to describe this Napa Valley appellation? It tasted like the chess scene in the original 
Thomas Crown Affair. The one with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Stylishly romantic. The question in the scene was how far would they go. Would they go too far?

No. Despite the ripeness of berries rich with anticipation, this wine is grounded in terra firma. It tastes of  a horseback ride up limestone and red rock canyon. It took us right to the plateau of  tannins and dryness, then stopped right at the view where any flaws were overlooked.
Lovers aren't much as lovers if they focus on flaws. Such people, no matter how intimate then- they are but critics.

Michael Pozzan Merlot. This is a wine for lovers. You should be able to find it for well under $20 a bottle. It is a excellent wine to have on hand for just when the "right moment" arrives.

Of which, I wish you, dear readers, many.

The sun is out today,, so I am off to the garden.

Out my study window I see where to start. A weeping rose has a limb hooking up in an unfortunate cowlick. Off to bend it down with  a fishing weight.


  1. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my Bloom Day post. I regret that I misidentified the tulips in my post. Those were not 'Lydia,' which is a great tulip. I got the tulips pictured from Brent & Becky's Bulbs, which is where I discovered 'Lydia'. They haven't carried 'Lydia' for the past 2 years, but I've been lucky to find them at local independent garden centers in the Chicago area. You could request a garden center near you to order some for you for next fall.
    I love a good bottle wine, so I'll drop a big hint to my husband the next time he's going to the liquor store to look for Michael Pozzan merlot. Cheers!

  2. Cheers! I'll send a note over to Brent and Beckys.

    Failing that, I have a niece in Chicago area who can do a bit of sleuthing for me.

    Thank you for taking the time to write.

    Your tulips, by any name, are breath-taking!

  3. I can't drink red wine I had to just imagine what that wine tasted like from your romantic description. Me thinks you should be a descriptive writer for the different wineries! You have a way of making one want to have just a sip then polish off the entire bottle! :)


  4. I agree with T, you should write for the wineries. Very lovely description. xo

  5. After reading your post I might have to go fix myself a glass of wine! Thanks for stopping by my blog, still trying to decide what fabric to choose for my chairs. Have a great weekend!


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