Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sound of Music is The Sound of Love

The sound of music freely flows through the breeze. Makes it easy to understand why a Valentine Vacation is right here at home.

View up our back hillside

The simple symphony of common freeway daisies and nasturtium are a clarion call of the awakening garden.

View down main path

The German statice fill in gaps along the path and on the hill. Each season they move about slightly, endearing themselves to our hearts wherever they pop up.


Any question about why we love to dine outside? The only thing missing is a big screen TV. That isn't an accident. But if we ever have grandchildren and want to entertain larger groups- maybe someday. Just so there is never one in the bedroom, perhaps I could compromise in a million or so years. Until then, let romance reign.

Tonight's Menu

Sharon Lovejoy's Cheese Ball with Baguettes recipe link

Sharon Lovejoy's Cheese Ball with Toasted Baguettes

Tossed Green Salad with Blue Cheese or Italian Dressing

Homemade fettucini tossed with asparagus spears and roasted red peppers in garlic infused olive oil

Grilled Prime Spencer Steaks
A special dessert

Now the dessert is one I imagined up in the grocery store aisle this afternoon, so I don't have an image to post- but read on it and let your imagination run as wild as you dare...

The Famous Chocolate Wafers will be separated by a cream cheese whipped light with cream, vanilla and powdered sugar. At this stage, the dessert log will look much like the image on the package, sans chocolate shavings.
At serving time a  special cherry topping will be ladled over in an utter extravagant ruby luscious decadence.

If you try this at home- do not use canned cherry pie filling if you live near a Trader Joe's. Their Morello Cherries in a jar are so easy to make a topping fit to serve king or president or loving husband.  

Simply make a syrup from the liquid by heating with the juice of 1 lemon and a few tablespoons of cornstarch just until the liquid sparkles and coats the spoon. Stir the cherries in and voila!

Warning. If this dessert is as good in person as it is in the imagination, serve it at your own risk. The person intended to be seduced may lose incentive to take you out to a restaurant. Ever. Since GOOD food is not just the way to a man's heart, but for those interested in such things, to his wallet- proceed with caution in imitating this meal. Particularly the dessert ):-  

Now there are only 2 decisions left to make. What to wear and what wine to serve.


  1. Lydia,
    Your tweeked a memory with the dessert you've chosen for tonight. My Aunt Vera would make her version for large family gatherings which happened rather frequently. Nabisco was already big in the cracker world and had moved onto cookies. Reading your blog let me remember great times and desserts, especially her blueberry pie. :)
    The walk through your garden, and birdsong were a treat.

    Thank you, Edda

  2. Lydia,
    The music on the video was the music of the bird's voices. So sweet. Did you record that?
    I can't imagine a TV out on the patio. Have one small one in the bedroom but it's only been turned on when I am getting ready to go out for the evening and it's 5:00 and Bill O'Reilly comes on. I can't see it from the dressing room but I listen.
    Your dinner sounds like the way to your man's heart. Dessert and all! Haven't planned dinner for tonight since I still have workmen here. :( They will be gone by noon and Olivia will be here to remove the grime on everything!
    WOOHOO just talked to Olivia and she will be coming tomorrow with reinforcements! So much better!

    Enjoy your dinner and let the romance begin!!

    XOXO Trisha

  3. GOOD morning faithful early birds!

    Edda- check in tomorrow. If all goes smoothly in the kitchen wait til you see what is blooming in the garden.

    Trisha- The video is from my backyard. An old feeder Gerry made long ago. The old Italian stone pine in the background is a magic carpet out of "the city"):-

    I have a friend who has a good sized flatscreen tv in their outdoor kitchen area. Talk about luxury. They only use it for family gatherings in good weather. Put up the ball game and it is a private party you can't get at the Holiday Inn.

  4. LOVED the birds!
    Your meal sounds like heaven. And the dessert..we used to make that too with the chocolate cookies and whipped cream. A special childhood memory. Thanks for stirring that up! My darling was a true romantic and would fix lovely dinners (his fav was wild rice stuffed Cornish hens) for Valentine's either the day before or after (Brian's birthday being on the 14th!) and he's set the table with candles. Sigh....

  5. Sue- THANK YOU for sharing how utterly romantic your husband was. I will honor your memories of him hen I light the candles tonight.

    Cornish game hens with cherry studded rice is something I haven't done in so long. In our time, it was the ultimate newlywed dish...

  6. AHHHHH Jerry was a doll to do that for you Sue! How romantic! I must say that flowers is as good as it gets romantic wise with my John. I don't mind tho because he shows me in so many ways year round. The Sunday morning tacos is probably one of my favorite ways. Dinner out anytime I give the green light and on and on. Not minding or even caring how much I spend on whatever.

    Gotta start thinking about dinner tonight. Maybe stuffed filet of sole with the trimmings. hmmmmm No dessert tho. Well maybe some of the little bit of heavenly Omaha cheesecake left from last night's dinner.

    Have a good one girls!

    XOXO Trisha

  7. Lydia, well add me to the list for that dessert. I think that was one of the very first things I ever made as a fairly new bride. However, I cheated and did you the canned cherry pie filling. ;-)

    The rest of the dinner sounds scrumptious. Don't think of all of us single gals nibbling out of the refrigerator by ourselves tonight! LOL

    Have a wonderful romantic evening by yourselves all by yourselves tonight. Oh and don't forget the candlelight! oh la la!

  8. What I love about your dessert idea is that it is not fussy. And leaves you plenty of time to be with your loved one :-)

  9. Hi Nikki! Just waddled over from cleaning up the kitchen. The dessert was beyond fabulous.


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