Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Virtues of Laughter

Reno and Tahoe listen to "mom" reading
"Some determined advocates of the vegetable system maintain that the teeth and stomach of the monkey correspond, in structure, very closely with that of man, yet it lives on fruits- therefore, if man followed nature, he would live on fruits and vegetables. But though the anatomical likeness between man and monkeys is striking, yet it is not complete; the difference may be doubtless is precisely that which makes a difference of diet necessary to nourish and develop their dissimilar natures. Those who should live as the monkeys do would most closely resemble them."- Sarah Josepha Hale
"The Good Housekeeper" 1841

In Victorian America, the widowed Mrs Hale was something of a cross between Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. Much of the little tome, picked up long ago on an adventure in Washington, D.C., is dry and practical. Then every so many pages, the "wisdom of the day" passed to modern sensibilities- makes giggles erupt like water welling over the top of the fountain.

In the spirit of Mrs. Hale who dispensed all sorts of advice on health and well-being : in Lydialand, laughter is good medicine. It doesn't require a prescription, but prevents all sorts of maladies of the stomach and spirit.

Laughter is an aphrodisiac of the first order. Never fall in love unless he can make you laugh.

Laughter is an asset. Keep some stored away for an emergency

Laughter is one indulgence that carries no calories, and unless it is at someone else's expense, no guilt.


  1. I agree and your statement, "Never fall in love unless he can make you laugh" is the WHOLE TRUTH! My first date with Jerry ... he had me laughing so much my cheeks hurt! I was instantly in love with this handsome funny man! :o( sadly he's been gone 4 years today, but I remember his stories and smile. xo

  2. Lydia,
    Loved the pic of the pups! So darling! Don't know how you managed to get that photo with them staying still like that. Everytime I go to take a pic of Lola she turns her head. lol Guess she doesn't like the flash.

    So true about laughter! As the years have gone by, John has acquired such a funny sense of humor and makes me laugh a lot! My guess is being around Art for all these years has rubbed off on him.
    Yes, stay healthy girfriend!

    Hugs, XOX Trisha

  3. Aaaaahhhhh, laughter. It is the first gift my Jeff bestowed upon me.

    Thanks for this dear Lydia.

    So get out there and sift some flour onto your edibles. I use an old sifter to do this. Cover lightly and wash thoroughly before eating. Bunnies don't like flour.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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