Sunday, April 3, 2011

Expressing Gratitude

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them."
John F Kennedy

The cooper's hawk sunbathes top the silk floss tree. Anchored on the far side of our property, it is past the fence, at the very edge of where the landscaping is belted by a firebreak; the point between the habitat of man and the  the native chaparral. 

Because the heavens were generous with rain this winter, from this leaf covered the predatory bird scans the thousand shades of green filling our valley. Looking back our way, he appears interested in the blending of the birdseed.

The main feeder is an alter of abundance, filled with a fruit and nut mixture fortified with extra dry roasted peanuts, raisins, dried cranberries and meal worms. The assortment of birds that drop by are as varied as the food. Woodpeckers, scrub jays, thrashers and grosbeak joined the assortment of tweeties this afternoon. 

To watch an orchid open is to watch the miracle of life as God meant it to be. Under patio overhangs-the green nut-like shells burst alive in colors of fruit sherbet before they open in princess pink.

By the end of their life-cycle, the blossoms will fade to white. Then drop.

Potted up beneath the lemon tree, a trio of pots is filled with bark overflow with a darker rosy- toned orchid. 

Borage and vintage iris fill in along the path. A trumpet vine reaches over the void and now fills the Mimosa tree's crotch with long arms that in a month will be a clarion call to hummers from wherever they fly
Anyone who has ever gardened knows that nature abhors a vacuum. An occasional plant sticking up out of bare dirt is as unnatural as a beautiful naked woman sitting alone in a pew. You must clothe her, give her good company- or something bad is going to happen.

I write about gardens. But the greatest appreciation I can give for where I live is to actively love it. By gardening, in harmony with what He who lives On-high first graced this land with.

Godspeed and Good Fortune


  1. Lydia,

    Oh I just love seeing your gorgeous flowers in your garden. The orchids are amazing.
    Do you cut your flower to bring in the house? I would love to have fresh flowers from my yard. sigh....
    Thanks for sharing. Your hard work shows.

    XO Trisha

  2. Hi Trisha! Guess you are the "night owl" .

    The orchids all started either in the house or my mother's apartment.

    I used to take her flowers from the garden most weeks and every holiday.

  3. I want to congratulate you on your rooting roses! I appreciate your observation about actively loving your garden. My husband rightly wants to conserve water where we live, and is happy when he sees something something "survive". I want him to see the difference between merely surviving, and thriving! Thanks so much for your visit!

  4. Welcome Jaqueline! A great strategy for abundance in a water shortage is to think zones. Water at the base of the rose, with water-thriftier plants at the edges borrowing moisture from the neighbor's root zone at no additional cost.

    Fountains- the sound of very little water adds lushness.

    A neighbor with a rather plain garden bet my garden used triple the water his does. We pulled out the bills- he was amazed. Mine was not quite $20 higher- in the summer.

    Whatever you do- mulch where you don't grow or the weeds find that patch to keep you busy doing things when you should be off smelling the roses.

  5. I just love your garden, L! And, yes, a good shot of your Cooper's Hawk. He's a show off. Thanks! xo

  6. Your garden is absolutely beautiful. And those images!! It makes me want summer to come right this very instant!!!


  7. Your orchids are so lovely, Lydia. What a show. Doesn't it make you wonder what Eden looked like before decay and fungal disease and weeds?!

  8. Sue, Sarah and Nikki- Thank you for the encouraging words. I would love to find an old book with how scholars believe the Garden of Eden was organized before that snake caused all that trouble.


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