Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Childhood Memories

Some mothers pass down recipes. My mother passed down flowers.
She probably bought the first iris rhizome of this bi-toned purple circa 1961.

When I became a married woman with a garden of my own, my mother divided off a few of the bearded beauties, packing them in a paper bag, trusting me to give homes to future generations.

Its offspring have immigrated with us from Lakewood, to our first, and now this garden in Diamond Bar.

Iris have a trait that makes them extra valuable in this hillside. Gophers don't care for their taste.

This beauty has multiplied like the bunnies in spring. Clumps form joyful explanation points in front, back and side gardens.

My friend, Trisha Bowler, loved going to the Huntington Library on a field trip as a child with the Parnell School for Girls. Her eyes glistened as she described the magic she felt viewing the English portraiture of of Thomas Lawrence's 'Pinkie' and Thomas Gainsborough's 'Blue Boy' through the eyes of an impressionable child.

So it was reservations for tea at the Huntington, which had recently rewarded my lateness in renewing membership with two extra months membership and two extra guest passes.

You can't see Trish's face in the painting. But you can read her thoughts with how she holds her hands at her heart.

After tea, the feminized artistic rendition of the "All You Can Eat" buffet, Trisha and I barely had time to stroll the portion of the grounds towards the walled Chinese Garden before it was closing time.

I am going to have to make a point to go by Greenwood Daylily Gardens during their annual open house at their growing grounds in Somis. Last year I picked up excellent lemony-yellow Clivia- but these peachy-flowered cultivars would sublimely light up shady corners with their sophisticated coloration. If any one has them in stock, Greenwood will.

Reservations for tea at the The Huntington Library and Gardens can be made Wednesday through Monday between 9a.m. and 4 p.m. by phoning 626-683-8131. There is an on-line reservation service, but it didn't work when I tried to use it. It is recommended that reservations be requested at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit.

Greenwood Daylily Gardens are open to the public every Saturday from April through June, from 9:30 AM to 4:00PM, and by appointment to landscape and nursery professionals. Use their map on http://greenwoodgarden.com/visitus.htm for accurate directions.


Anonymous said...

Good read. Really nice photo of T. The gardens at the Huntington are spectacular. Thanks for sharing.
xo Oregon Sue

Lydia said...

You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Oh how you captured me and my thoughts in that picture and with your words. Very professional! Thanks for reviewing our day there. The flower photos turned out marvelous. You could give Gene S a run for his money in that profession! :)
Thanks for the memories.
XOXO Trisha

Anonymous said...

What a memorable afternoon the two of you had. Your pictures and commentary makes me want to return to the enchanted area! The photo of Trisha looking at Pinkie is purely captavating. You not only have a green thumb, but obviously a photographer's eye! Lovely, just lovely! Judy Duvall, Seal Beach, CA

Lydia said...

Trisha. You are too kind and eye towards my photographs slightly prejudiced by our friendship.
I had a great time, too. I just got back from lunch at the cafe adjacent to the tea room. Their cook does a Philly Chicken Sandwich with curly fries your husband would LOVE.

Lydia said...

Judy- Thank you for the compliments. If there is anything I like as much as good food, delicious wine and beautiful flowers, it is nice words sent my way.