Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garden Blooming Blog Day- March/ First installment

There is too much blooming now to put it all in one post. So let me highlight the best over the next few days....Starting with orchids

This bright yellow specimen has known to hold its color for up to 90 days. Don't you love a touch of yellow about the garden? It's like growing sunshine.

This delicate coloration is so feminine . Doesn't it remind you of a sea shell with its creamy white petals striped with shell pink and touches of soft yellow? It came from a 2006 jaunt up to the Santa Barbara Orchid Festival. A souvenir of my well-earned vacation while a newspaper editor.

This deep rose orchid was a present from my mother. It usually begins to bloom at Christmastime. It is breath-taking when surrounded by burgundy poinsettias in bloom.

It sent up flower spikes unseasonably late. I forgive it.

It didn't read the newspapers to know- global warming is supposed to make everything bloom early.

What do I believe? I believe that weather changes.
One ice age gave us Stradivarius violins made from wood made of trees of unusual resonance grown within fibrous structure. Unusual weather gave us a new nation because Washington could cross the Delaware River.
I believe our knowledge of the universe is finite. We should always stretch to understand more. However, a little humility on man's part is always in order. No matter what the truth, life is always a struggle with potential for great beauty when we grasp life's fleeting nature.

If you have never been the Santa Barbara Orchid Show- it is on this weekend. Here's an image from 2006. Being there is like being surrounded by a living kaleidoscope.

Thanks very much to tissue-culture propagation, orchids are no longer confined to Beverly Hills.

Eden Garden Center in Diamond Bar has gorgeous blooming plants for under $15.00. They also currently have an unadvertised special on Japanese Maples when I was there earlier this week.

Info on the 64th Annual Santa Barbara Garden Show can be quickly accessed at

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