Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Garden?

To have a garden is to wake up every day in awe of God's creation.

To create a garden is to be His partner in creation.

You help Him and He teaches you.

About everything important.

To discern what is best forgotten.

To garden gives you a chance to more than look at a garden, you have the opportunity to see the undulating shades of a single color of a petal unfurling as its scent takes your breath away.

Every morning in the garden is a new surprise to open your imagination and keep your mind refreshed.

The more you are with your garden, the more you will love it. You will gaze upon it with ever-fresh amazement. You will discover that green leaves aren't always green. Even those that are- there are a thousand different shades and hues of the one color to enchant the eye.

Gardening holds everything in true perspective. In the house, I forget how small my Reno is. But see how tall the "Sea Lavender" statice behind her is? That is why she is not allowed to play outside on her own.

Gardening makes the best cooks.

Rosemary roots easily from stem cuttings. The trick is to give it full sun, good drainage- and try to ignore it.

Many a late afternoon, I have strolled outside to clip off the tip off an outstretched limb, strip its of its needles, then use it to add a Mediterranean flair to chicken, pork or green beans.

Yellow Clivia doesn't shout like the common prison-orange garbed variety. It simply commands your attention with its simple beauty that is equal parts traditional form and modern simplicity.

Thank you for visiting my garden. Come back soon.

Top Photo is where the freesia has naturalized beside the driveway. Pink blooming trees are Magnolia Soulangiana straight behind and Tabebuia on left.

The silvery pink rose is 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' .

The fiery tinged rose leaves are on the very tall tea rose 'Brigadoon'

The rosemary is an upright variety purchased in a four-inch for less than a cost of jar in the grocery stores.

Reno is eight and a half pounds of LOVE.

Greenwood Daylily Gardens in Somis sold me the divinely shaded yellow clivias. For more info /


OldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL, in every way, Lydia....The Pictures and the text! And everything you say is so truly profound, my dear....! And I just love all the pictures.

About my Yellow Birds---It may be both the Goldfinches and an Oriole or two....In all honesty, I am not totally sure....Whichever or both---they sure are gorgoeous birds!

Anonymous said...

Your commentary is poetry. The pictures are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

Oregon Sue

Anonymous said...


Just beautiful!! At times I am confused as to which beauties are in your garden and which are your friend's photographs. When I saw the darling Reno in the photo I knew it was your garden! I have sent your link on to a friend who will surely appreciate your text and the beauty of your garden.

Frequent Traveler said...

You have a green thumb in triplicate !!! What wonderful pictures of the flowers in your garden :)

Anonymous said...

Lydia, your pictures are beautiful. I love the one with the pink rose. Reno looks absolutely adorable too!!

Lydia said...

Thank you all for writing in.

Anonymous said...

Well drat! I see that I forgot to sign my post! I am the third one down, just so you know.
I just looked back over this entry and the photos are breathtaking. Do love your photos and of course your writing too. LOVE little Reno's photo! Soooo cute!! Too sad that the little fur kids can't play in the yard while you are busy writing, cooking or whatever. However, I know the dangers of that.
Hugs, XO Trisha