Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

Spring is here. It has been so busy with the garden and regular writing assignments that it has been difficult to come up with time to get in this second installment of the March Garden Blooming Blog Day.
But I promised. Hope better late than never applies here.

My niece, Anka and her husband, Chet, are down from Portland for their spring break. They are the BEST house guests.

This bunny statue guards a patch of alyssum. The late Coberly Neal talked me into a trio to serve as garden art when she was the nursery manager for Sunshine Growers back in the days they had a retail location in nearby Walnut. If you missed their moving, they have consolidated their operations to Ontario, CA.

It wasn't so long ago that the rose foliage of the rose 'Betty Boop' was barely niblets the color of molten copper. Now, as the leaves have grown to the open position, their color is a deep burgundy. By the time the irrepressible flowers burst open, the mature foliage will be clean green for the rest of the year.

Nothing calls the bees faster than lavender. This exposed spot on the lot, sits at the corner of hot and dry. Around Saint Patrick'd Day, long-doormant freesia poke their heads through the lavender wands, adding color punch at the curb.

If you've never experienced the scent of fresh lavender- it is not quite the difference between a fresh steak and shoe leather. But you get the idea.

It will be dark soon. Look how the just opening bud of Brigadoon is a spotlight of happiness in the darkened landscape.

Tonight the family will be meeting up for dinner in Fullerton.
Our sons are taking full advantage of their cousin being here for dinner. They know I will do just about anything for love.
You see- they booked a table at Chomps Sushi and Teppan Grill.
I have never "done" sushi. I call sushi fishbait served in seaweed. I hope I know what Teppan is. If I'm right, I will be happy. If not, I started the new diet a day early.
I know there will be people there I like. No love. So I have opened up to trying a new experience. One never knows when the opportunity to be with someone will be taken away. So when in doubt- go for it.

Nothing lasts forever. I was in Chino Hills last week as the crew was dimantling the sign of The Great Indoors.
The store was a favorite haunt when it first opened. So much variety. Unfortunately, too often the sales force was untrained and unappreciative of what they had to offer the public. Their reputation suffered. With time, The Great Indoors became just another big box retailer in a crowded field.
I will miss it for what it was at first, what it could have been, but not for what it had become. At least in this community.
The 17 acre wholesale/ retail Sunshine Growers Nursery will give the uninitiated a good feel for the Ontario nursery's scope.
The website for Chomps looks promising.


Anonymous said...

As always, your garden shots are beautiful. Still too cold at night here for much in the way of blooms. But, it will come...

It's too sad to see all the businesses going under. Sadly, the old saying of "It will get worse before it gets better" is probably the truth now. Worry worry worry.... Pray pray pray.

I LOVE sushi and shishimi! My husband was stationed in Japan in the Marines and he introduced Japanese cuisine to me on our 3rd date. I learned how to make sushi rolls and fix traditional Japanese dishes. Now my son and daughter, who only ate fish sticks when little, love it too. At an early age we taught them to use chopsticks. The always dazzled their friends.

Thanks for the garden beauty! Hugs from Oregon...

Lydia said...

Dinner was dinner and show in one. We were seated around the grill and were treated to our dinners being cooked by a chef who was part chef, acrobat and - since he could make his cleaver, meat fork and salt shaker clang together like a choo-choo- part musician.
The whole setting was quite hip- urban- with heart thumping music- very popular in a college town. I was quite satisfied to find both chicken and beef dishes. I went for the Korean ribs- something we've enjoyed here since we were introduced to them by a Korean friend of my brother-in-law while he was still in high school.
It might not have been what I would have selected- but the world should not revolve around the hostess- it should revolve around the guests. Everyone had a fabulous time.