Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Easter. Everything else on this list is but an accessory to the holiday.

In years ahead, we don't always know what we will remember most. That is why we should strive to enjoy each moment when it happens. One of my favorite memories was our high school church group helping to serve Passover dinner at the local synagogue.

While their are differences in our faiths, that evening made real the centuries of common tradition and humanity to a girl of an impressionable age.

Eggs. For painting, throwing at picnics, enveloping quiche ingredients for brunch.

Entertaining. Spring time is gorgeous. This copy of an old Polaroid is of my mother's former garden in Whittier. Imagine the egg hunts a child could enjoy in that garden as colorful as the eggs which were hidden among a jungle of bright flowers.

Easter vacation. My family are my best friends. Easter vacations for our young family was a time to bond. My husband traveled extensively throughout much of his career. When he wasn't on travel- he was frequently burning the midnight oil on a proposal. Being rare, family time together was very precious. Easter break was a time we tried to commit as best we could to spend playing together. It might be at the beach, baseball games or horseback riding.
This photo of the very handsome guy with deep dimples and gorgeous hair- that's my husband when he was teaching our oldest son, Trevor, to swim.

Easter Sunrise service has always been my favorite service of the year. Each chapter in our lives had different traditions, but all included worship on this holiest day. The decade immediately past, it was our ritual to worship with extended family in Fullerton, then share brunch. However, life changes and we must adapt. This year we plan to watch the sun rise and reflect on the fulfillment of God’s promise with our own church family here in Diamond Bar.

My father was not a Christian. During the Civil Rights Movement, he was aghast that the Lutheran Church came out in support of the non-violent marches of Martin Luther King. My mother rarely stood against my father. But on this she was adamant. Their girls would go to church. We were free to choose how to worship or not- however we would have the advantage of participation in faith as a part of our early life experience. Even though my mother is not herself a woman of faith, I pray for God’s mercy on her soul, for this action on her part allowed me to become one.

What are some of your favorite things that start with the letter “E”? It would be a blessing to hear from you.
Top photo by Alta Loma photographer Gene Sasse. Used with permission
Photo of Gerry and Trevor Plunk by Albert Rossett.

The last image is available from the Archival Research Catalog of the National Archives and Records Administration under the ARC Identifier 542010(Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C., Leaders marching from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, August 28, 1963. In the front row, from left are: Whitney M. Young, Jr., Executive Director of the National Urban League; Roy Wilkins, Executive)

Easter Sunrise service will begin at 6:30 AM on Sunday, April 12th at Mt Calvary Lutheran Church and School, 23300 Golden Springs DrDiamond Bar, CA. For more information, please to to


Anonymous said...

The first "E" that comes to mind is our friend Edda. She is a blessing as a good friend. You were a blessing to introduce her to me all those years ago!
Education is a good one too. Without it, where would we be!

Beautiful Easter post and love the photo of Ger with baby Trevor!

XO Trisha

Lydia said...

Excellent, Trisha!

I met Edda through a letter to the editor she penned back when I was a Parks and Recreation Commissioner. I think. I loved her straightforward, unequivolcating and courageous voice. We've been friends every since.

Also Eric, my bother-in-law. Eric, my nephew studying journalism. My niece, Eiron, who is raising her family in Wyoming.

And if Sue writes in and mentions Egrets- we're on a roll.

Anonymous said...

Well ladies, thank you for your kind words. Easter leads perfectly the letter E. Springtime is here, buds are popping, the migratory birds are passing by or returning, bonnets are carefully picked for the Easter Parade, church bells will ring on the day, and eggs are boiled to color with soft pastels. Easter Lilies abound at the florist. My Grandaughter and I continue to dye eggs "just because". City or Country Ham is a must, with deviled eggs and potato salad.

Another E word is energy. Whether it be the energy it takes to be an athlete or the mental energy to survive the bumps, both large and small that enter our lives.

Of course I must add the Edsel. It just proves that an engineering marvel can turn into a consumer dud. Electricity fits nicely into the energy group as well.

Thank you for this Easter Basket of good things in your latest post.


Anonymous said...

Ok, Sue finally waded in... Yes, EGRETS. Interesting birds. I LOVE EGGS...scrambled, fried, deviled. EARTH, here's a good place to live. EMAIL, a biggie and favorite. ERASER ... for those pesky errors! LOL EAGLES. ENTERTAINMENT. EVENING. EUCALYPTUS. ET home! ESPRESSO ...ahhhh....and also my friend EDDA, my friend ERIKA, and your ERIC, T. Finally, ELEPHANTS.
Oregon Sue

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia,
What kind of Mother am I? I forgot ERIC, my son!! Thanks for reminding me with your bro in law and nephew, all Eric!

XO Trisha
p.s. Thank you for the wonderful wonderful day at The Huntington!
Pinkie and Blue Boy are as beautiful as ever!

Lydia said...

Trisha- Had a marvelous time rediscovering tea at the Hungtington.