Monday, March 23, 2009


Does nature ever leave you speechless- lost in the delight?

The first time I saw the bright yellow feathers I thought it was an exotic bird escaped from captivity.

When I learned these were orioles- I bought a Perky Oriole feeder like this model.

It took two seasons for the orioles to be attracted by the orange nectar. But it wasn't a waste. Hummingbirds are more than happy to share until the orioles pop in for their yearly vacation.

The first migrations came through in May. But the message of hospitality here must be getting around. Every year the orioles come earlier, stay longer, with a bigger entourage. Today I spotted the first oriole of the season. Nothing can spoil my mood while the orioles are in town!

I would like to introduce you to someone very special. Her name is Abigail Alfano. The hummingbird lady.
I have never met the Louisiana Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. But I feel like I know her.
She was kind enough to allow me to post this
the photo her husband, Sam, took of the fearless little birds as they fed from her hand.

You can drop by her website to read the story behind this image-order a high resolution photo of one of the closeups to inspire you when you are facing impossible odds. Chances are, it can't be harder than getting hummingbirds to feed from your hand.
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Anonymous said...


What beautiful birds! I have received an email with the picture of the Humingbird Lady. Amazing. I was just now watching a hummer feeding from our blooms on the aloevera plant in the patio. Silly bird! Just a few feet away is the full feeder! So much easier!
Thanks for the delightful post!
XO Trisha

Lydia said...

I never fail to be enchanted, enthralled and inspired by the hummingbirds.
Hummingbird feeders are more for people than the birds. Given the opportunity for fresh blossoms or a feeder, the flower gets sipped.

Lydia said...

Hey, all! This is a shout-out to Ms Judy Duvall. She forwarded the story with the name of the hummingbird lady so that it could be authenticated and permission granted. I was remiss in not giving her proper credit for making it possible to share one of my favorite stories about the type of of hope and change we can call agree is GOOD.