Friday, January 8, 2010

Be of Good Repair

The old dishwasher dying was the inspiration for this year's theme- "Be of Good Repair".

There. It is said. This year's resolution is not to collect more. Not to upgrade. Just to be of good repair.

What do I expect the outcome to be? The balm which creates serenity: sweet order.

Orderliness might not be so wonderful in and of itself. But orderliness is the good bone structure from which the joy of serendipity explodes in life's exclamation points. !!!!

What is the one tool needed to get there? One which can't be bought. Discipline.

From this lovely point in life- the one where I can now legally order off the senior menu- what wisdom I have gathered includes- to chase after happiness without a firm structure of serenity and order is a recipe for the joy to be short-lived and dearly missed when time moves quickly past that moment.

Dishwashers were researched. The replacement is on order. My hands look forward to being replaced by that mechanical device.

The first chore of the garden calendar is underway: pruning the roses. The reward: vases full of flowers to share with my mother.

Portrait by photographer Gene Sasse of Alta Loma, CA.

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