Saturday, January 9, 2010

Better to Be a Woman

Diamond Bar is having brag-worthy weather. The weather is the reason our ancestors immigrated to California and never left. The low last night was 48°F; the mercury steadying around 75°F at lunch time. A perfect day for an impromptu get together for wine or tea as we decided at the last moment.

A girlfriend came over for an afternoon visit. Her husband is freezing in some duck blind in Texas. Makes me glad I'm not a man. I would hate to think it enjoyable to fly half way round the country to spend my vacation getting up in the dark to shiver in some field, waiting to shoot my dinner; which I could cook only after the buckshot is picked out of the hand-plucked carcass.

Another day another wine. Not quite sure where I picked up the bottle of Veo Grande Chardonnay: but it is good enough for me to give up a Saturday evening to write you about it.

A quick search of the Internet and I am pleased this Chilean Chardonnay from the Chilean Colchagua will lessen the weight of the wallet less than $10/bottle.

Tasting Notes-
Hue: Golden blond, like Goldilocks' tresses.
Scent: Honeysuckle draped over a mossy terrace.
Taste: A touch acidic, like a tart apple with its skin on.

Today Veo Grande Chardonnay we enjoyed the wines with a light tray of vegetable snacks with my upgrade of standard Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. No need to measure- simply stirring in 3 ripe Roma tomatoes, chopped; a heaping spoonful of Pimiento peppers, chopped; and a couple good shakes of Lawry's Seasoned Pepper and Garlic Salt. Voila! This dip transforms from tasting "healthy" to something higher up the scrumptious scale.

This is the future menu it inspired. One which will make me look like I spent far more time and money. I picture this as perfect for the ultimate gal-pal get together.

Waldorf Salad,
Chicken Lo Mein Salad

About the salads- Call the Albertson's Deli to reserve theirs. Put your effort into the Quiche.
So to anyone who thinks women think guys have it better- Who would you rather be? The guy in the duck blind or me?

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Anonymous said...

I have to catch up with your blogs. I am behind! This was mouth watering, except for the "guy in the duck blind" part.

I recall when my sister was having some xrays done the doctor said to her, "Your husband is a hunter." She wanted to know how he knew. "There is buckshot in your gut." So there..... tell your friend to be careful, very careful! :O)
xo Oregon Sue