Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zero In On Zornes

Milford Zornes started life with a tumbleweed existence. Born in Oklahoma in 1908, as a child Zornes moved to Idaho and California with his family. As a young man he hitchhiked across America: earning his fare to Europe partly by working the docks in New York. Back in California, his roots finally tapped into his calling: art. In 1927 he began to paint at the prestigious Otis Art Institute, then was mentored here in the San Gabriel Valley by the great Millard Sheets. Artistic acclaim came quickly when President Franklin D. Roosevelt hung a Zornes painting in the White House in 1933. "

In 2008, Milford Zornes died a centurion. His family selected the CCAA Museum of Art to house an annual exhibit, this year is open only until Valentine's Day.
However, if you can make it over to Rancho Cucamongo on the afternoon of January 24th, a special reception with a free gift is being held.

In conjunction with the exhibit, author/ photographer Gene Sasse published The Art of Milford Zornes: from Private Collections ( ISBN 978-0-9842797-0-8). While the book is currently available for purchase at the museum, at the reception, this book is included with your paid reservation.

A prolific and preeminent practitioner of California plein art, many of Zornes works are displayed under glass a challenge to photograph well. In Gene's book, the subtleties in color, hue and intensity, as well as the shading struck by the artist’s brush are more than accurate: they visually speak with respect for the artist’s intent.

The CCAA (Chaffey Community Art Association) Museum of Art is located in the historial J Filippi Winery, 12467 Baseline Road, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
is open Friday – Sunday 12 pm – 5 p Admission: free

The Zornes Reception is January 24, 2010 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. ($20.00 per person)
(909) 463-3733
or E-mail to reserve.

For more information on the Museum, hop over to


Anonymous said...


WOW, I am impressed with the life of Zornes. It is amazing how a man would be raised to such importance as to have his painting hung in the White House by a president! Too bad he died. Wouldn't you have loved to have met him?

Thanks for sharing
XO Trisha

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Lydia said...

Joan Stepson- Your site is WONDERFUL! Thank you for coming by.