Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Summitridge Park at dusk. The cares of the day sink behind the hills 0n the horizon. It is easy to contemplate the Glory of God, to count my blessings here.

To a family without a home, darkness falling is not so full of comfort.

I would like you to do yourself a favor. Click over to Inland Temporary Homes (ITH)

While national statistics show the average rate at which homeless families are able to transition successfully from shelter to permanent housing at a rate of 50-60%, ITH’s success rate consistently hovers at a near perfect 95%.

I would like to thank Gene Sasse for reminding me that we all have something to give. Even with the general state of journalism, a writer can write even when she has to guard her checkbook to stretch the balance between billable hours.

I'm not going to give you the exact place on the website Gene went live with for them earlier today to read how to give some time and get a free day at Disneyland. I want you to click through the site. Discover the instructions while you search through the Internet corridors where the tale is written. To find the secrets behind ITH's success in diverting families off the path that leads to being homeless.

There is nothing I could have been paid to do which would have brought the satisfaction of writing the text for their new web site. These sentences were a joy to write for CEO Leanne Drieberg and her crew

"Success isn’t something found at the end of a path. It is found along the journey. Every day. We succeed because our program teaches our clients to create their own opportunities with honor. To do what is expected for a more successful life."

Photo of mother with child by Gene Sasse. Used with permission.

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Gene said...

Thank you - You helped to make the site much better. As I've said before it's nice to give back besides that's why God put us on this earth - Gene