Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In Riverside, my husband was stuck in a hospital parking lot: hail knocking on the hood of his truck. In Seal Beach, Judy got something I didn't know anyone in California thought to set up:a robo call from the authorities notifying her to find shelter from a possible tornado.

In my protected little patch of earth I tend in Diamond Bar, wind usually only comes in from the west in gentle breaths. But today, a gale of wind drove the rain in a nearly horizontal plane from the northeast. Thunder rattled the nerves.

When it was all over, in the foothills of Alta Loma, photographer Gene Sasse caught the magic of a full rainbow. Look how his vision makes the power lines in the distance look like they are sheltered in a glass globe. Had he had pointed his camera lens further to the hill- the scene would have been set in a snow globe. Being half Irish... I wonder if there is a pot of gold on each end.

Dusk. Overhead, the azure sky glowed like gossamer with a spot light shining through. All around, darkly ominous clouds began to circle, closing in: I wonder if this is what those caught in the eye of a hurricane see. A nebulous of calm and beauty nearby surrounded by unknown danger. Looking back towards where I call home- this is the view as Gene saw it from his home vantage.

Images by Gene Sasse. Used with permission and gratitude.

To see more of Gene's work, please visit his site.

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Anonymous said...

WOW GENE! What fabulous photos!! He does capture unbelievable sights!! What an angry looking sky and then the gentle rainbow looking like a snow globe! Perfect!

Yes, I heard on the news that there was a tornado headed for Long Beach! Since my newly married son and his bride live there, I was a bit worried! I wrote and told him if he is caught at home and the tornado approaches then he should get into the bath tub and cover his head with pillows!
Thankfully that wasn't necessary.

Thanks Lydia for posting this and thanks for sharing Gene's amazing photos!

XO Trisha
p.s. You know, I just thought of something. How appropriate that today of all days that we had a storm and a tornado! There has to be a link to that rare occurence and the fact that the USA was saved today from certain socialism! A day to always remember and the Lord was making SURE we would remember what he did for us today!