Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Color

Jamey Johnson sings, "You should've seen it in color."

The Diamond Bar sunset on New Year's Day is fine on film. But best in person.
If you are fortunate enough to be in Southern California when the Rose Bowl is on TV- 4th quarter, get thee out of thy chair and cast thine eyes towards the west. You will gaze at the gates of heaven and know there is a God .
Such beauty could not an accident. It could only be a gift given with unconditional love.
The best of what we do in our own gardens springs from our attempts to replicate the lessons of the original Designer and Creator.

I believe He wants us to start the 2010 New Year with friends.

Meet Rosa 'Brigadoon'. Glenda Bona introduced us to her as a commemorative gift when my husband's father passed to heaven.
Tall and sturdy, she stands as sentry next to where my husband parks when he comes home.

My newest flower friend is 'Easy Does it', the only 2010 AARS winner by Tom Carruth for
Weeks Roses. (One of the perks being a garden writer is how samples show up at the mailbox to preview. )
Normally, I would showcase it with one of Gene Sasse's elegant rose portraits- I will do that another time with a formal review of the plant. These are simply informal peeks to convey the joyful color and approachable spirit of 'Easy Does It. '
To all who visit here- My wish for you- is that 2010 will be spent in a garden full of color.

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