Monday, March 15, 2010

Destination Las Campanas

The tortilla soup is good. The broth is more complex than most restaurant versions- layered with a hint of chipotle chili hidden within a the tomato puree. The condiments of guacamole, cheese and avocado on the side are a nice touch.

But go to Las Campanas for the garden setting. It is rich with ideas to adopt. The seating at Las Campanas Restaurant is all outdoors. The serape isn't just for decoration. It is to be wrapped around the shoulders of any diner who finds the air a bit to crisp.
Mature palm trees form a fine canopy in this garden dining room protected from the urban streets of Riverside by the welcoming structure of the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa.

Color and taste aren't the only senses served. Wild and wild looking birds serenade to the sound of splashing fountains.

We came in through the front door. But leaving through the back- the rhythm of color and form underneath the vine covered walkway-....

This just might be how the entrance to heaven looks. Don't you think?

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  1. Good Monday evening to you, dear Lydia.
    The soup looks VERY good, and the setting is pretty. Great time to go before summer makes it too hot inland!

    As for restaaurants, if you are of the mind to come as far south as San Diego, I HIGHLY recommend the Grand Del Mar hotel (and it's restaurant) Addison's. The food was great there at dinner. Excellent, in fact.
    The hotel has a lot of specials now, and if you push them, you may be able to get a 2 category room upgrade:)

  2. Dear Annie- When you say food or hotel is good - I know it is GOOD. Thank you for the tip.


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