Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Salad

I hadn't planned on writing this afternoon. But the visitor (on the right) in the garage convinced me I really rather be here in the house. Just in case there are more of him from whereever he came from.

I haven't shared yet the fabulous summer salad Gene Sasse recently whipped up for us.

Gene being a photographer, you can count on any presentation he makes being beautiful. But the taste- Wow! No need for a fancy recipe. Just think of it as a rule breaking bounty of the garden creation.

On a bed of Mixed greens, Gene layered on
chopped Tomatoes and Feta cheese, crumbled
fresh Peaches, cubed
Mushrooms, sliced
Raisins and Dry Roasted Peanuts
When we were seated, Ranch Dressing was drizzled, the salad tossed. Then came the sign of a truly good course. At the first bites-the talkers went immediately mute. Mmm and swallows were the only sounds which breached the silence. Soon the quiet was broken by free-flowing compliments.


  1. Lydia,
    The salad is beautiful.
    But so is your garter snake, which will eat slugs, bugs, lizards and rodents. But no people!

  2. Hi, Joan! You are right. This darling looked distinctly underfed- he was given directions to where I hope he should find a buffet more to his liking than my toes):-

  3. Oh Lydia,

    Just be thankful your visitor wasn't a rattler! Yikes! As you know, we have had more than our share of those! Haven't had any in the last few year and now I am knocking on wood! :):)

    The salad looked gorgeous! A man after my own heart who can cook or put something together that looks like something from a gourmet magazine! What a wonderful mixture of tastes I'll bet that was!
    Thanks for staying inside and sharing!!

    XO Trisha

  4. L, the little garter snake is cute. We have a lot of them up here...with racing stripes! They are good bug eaters.

    The salad looks/sounds like a little bit of heaven. Gene is obviously a very creative person, picture wise and cooking wise. How about a picture of Gene???? :O)

    xo Sue

  5. It looks gorgeous and it sounds GORGEOUS, too! Nothing like a great lucious salad of fresh yummy things!


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