Saturday, October 30, 2010

Perch Tree

At the terminus of  Hillside and Ranch Gate in Alta Loma stands a proud figure in the sunset. Not enough of the tree's skeleton remains to ID what name it went by when it lived green and lush before  the 2003 Cedar fire took its life- along with 2,232 human dwellings. For now, call it a "Perch Tree". Proof of the afterlife.

Even in this terminated state, it is useful.  The National Wildlife Federation has a backyard certification program . From balconies through schools and estates; they are happy to guide us all through how to provide life-giving environments from 4 simple elements: food, water, nesting and shelter.

Living in a fire area, we need to be careful not to overdo too much of a good thing. But a lone tree allowed to stand past its last breath: its outspread arms can still serve as a perch for birds; a  natural hutch for chipmunks or squirrels to store food.

In our own lives, things we want so badly can flash away before our eyes.  We may be left with just the silhouette of our dreams.

What happened in the past can be woven in the future. Inhale. Analyze. Exhale. Dust off and move on- with optimism. Life is much easier when you let God lead in this dance of life.

When life seems to be going dark as when the sun sets- take heart, the sun shall rise again.

Thank you to Gene Sasse for the images that inspired this post.

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  1. What a beautiful tree, Lydia. I love it that nothing's wasted. Gene's photos are stunning -- I love the sense of expanse in that last one.


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