Sunday, October 24, 2010

Savoring Sunday- Harvest Dinner

The tag line on the masthead of Western Art and Architecture is "from cowboy to contemporary". Between my husband and I, we subscribe to something over a dozen magazines and regularly pick up individual titles. WA&A is the only magazine my husband we fight over who gets to read first.

Click over to the story I wrote for WA&A on Linthicum.  View the beauty and breadth of their collection. You will understand the personal satisfaction to be have any part in sharing their story.

Close to when I wrapped my part in production, the local members of our morning email group (the modern version of coffee clatch where coffee and conversation are virtual) we decided it was time to repeat our Chick Flick Night. The gal's thought my idea of having a "last dinner" before my surgery sounded too morbid. So a Harvest Dinner and Movie became the title for last Friday's gathering. Doors opened  at 6:30 and the screen was scheduled to turn on a half hour later. 

Shamelessly easy, the savory dip is simply a blend of one package each of  defrosted creamed spinach and garden vegetable cream cheese spread to which a dollop of  NapaStyle Marinated Parmesan Dip was stirred in. Freshly grated Romano cheese was sprinkled over. It went into the oven 15 minutes ahead of the "gang's" arrival.
l-r Judy Duvall, Lydia Plunk, Edda Gahm and Trisha Bowler
Learning from our first Chick Flick Night- before my friends arrived, we scooted furniture so all the seats offer equally good movie viewing. Serving stations for the pot-luck were arranged by course- with serve ware nearby.

The informality of the evening made it perfect to try some fun sounding wines from the Wine and Cheese shop at Tom's Farms. Vintage cut crystal glasses are at the ready where the wine waited in a sink full of ice.  My new "wine journal" was at the counter, ready to record our impressions and imaginations conjured up.

The featured newbies (to us) are by Oregon's oldest winery, Honeywood.  The garnet-colored Loganberry wine is a smoothly finished friendly wine. Low in acid- the berry taste would be excellent served with a cheese tray or ham dinner.
Next up was "Holiday Cheer" a brightly colored  white table wine blended with cranberry juice, orange extract and cloves gave it an added bite. An obvious choice for a ham dinner- this would be an excellent picnic wine. Think of a sandwich where turkey, cream cheese and cranberry are layered between thick slices of  a quality bread. Mmmmmm

Back at the appetizer station atop the movable kitchen island, hot and savory is joined with cool and sweet.

A platter piled with  apple and persimmon slices surround a bowl meant for dipping. It held cream cheese whipped light with a touch of half and half, a splash of vanilla and just enough powdered sugar for irresistibility.

A thin layer of Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter over one side of the dip: sublimely decadent for those who dared go further than the naked appearing cream  cheese.

Edda's green salad was perfect foil to Trisha's rich green beans in cheese sauce casserole.

Having received an extra writing assignment last week- plan A of flaunting my homemade lasagna had to be scratched. Not enough time. However,  a couple rotisserie garlic rosemary chickens from Albertson's and a tray of a  a very special macaroni  from the wonderful  Middle Eastern market in town combined for a fine main course.

The movie selection:

  The Young Victoria.   Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend were splendid together in this dramatization of Queen Victoria's teen years and early rule. The enduring romance between the Queen and her Prince Albert- I love this movie more every time I see it.  Which is, so far- 4 times.

Judy's top-secret berry dessert was a perfect ending to a delightful evening.

The macaroni dish- I am sorry I am afraid I don't know how to spell it- but this description will get you served:  It is made fresh every Friday- a seasoned ground beef interior makes it like a  Middle Eastern lasagna.  From

Aljibani Halal Market
23385 Golden Springs Dr
Diamond Bar, CA 91765-2028
(909) 861-3865


Anonymous said...


Great post!!! I almost felt like I was there for the Harvest Dinner! Oh wait.....I was there! teehee It was such a fun evening!
I love it when everyone brings something to contribute so the hostess isn't overworked.
I got to thinking back and wondered why Judy and I always get the beautiful comfie big chairs. Hardly seems fair but I do like that you turned the couch so you all didn't have to look sideways.

I have never bought a roasted chicken at the market but now I think I will try one. Joe and Daryl served them at the headquarters grand opening and then at your house I very much enjoyed the flavor. So, much better than having to cook one!

I too enjoyed the movie even tho I took a short snooze during. :):) Nothing like a full tummy and a snoot full of wine and a movie to make one drowsy.

I hate to let you know this but the picture of the movie didn't turn out on your blog. It's just a square with a red "x" at the top. I am curious now what was in the picture.

Thank you again for a fun evening!
XOXO Trisha

Lydia said...

Dear Trisha- With the big footstool and plump pillows- the loveseat works as well for movie watching as the recliners.

I changed how I inserted the movie cover. Hope that works better for you. Thank you for letting me know.

Anonymous said...


Loved your "report" about our "chick flick" night along with the vino and gastronomic delights. :) We were flying in the "missing woman" formation and it would have been super perfect if Sue was available. Too bad we haven't rigged a two way video system so she could join us.


Oregon Sue said...

Oh darn........... so wish I had been there. Food looked and sounded heavenly. Wine...mmmmm..... A "snooze" T? During the movie. LOL I did that last night too, during The Proposal!At least Linda said I didn't snore! TG! Thanks for sharing L. Love the picture of the 4 of you. Going to print it and put it in my "Email Pals" collage. xo

Oregon Sue said...

Oh darn........... so wish I had been there. Food looked and sounded heavenly. Wine...mmmmm..... A "snooze" T? During the movie. LOL I did that last night too, during The Proposal!At least Linda said I didn't snore! TG! Thanks for sharing L. Love the picture of the 4 of you. Going to print it and put it in my "Email Pals" collage. xo

nikkipolani said...

I love your casual mix of ready made with home mixed with freshly cut! That cream cheese dip sounds very tasty. What a lovely dinner.

I've heard good things about this movie and will have to check it out.

Frequent Traveler said...

After reading your comment, I will definitely go rent the movie about Victoria & Albert.

I just watched The Age of Innocence with Michelle Pfeiffer, and the costumes were magnificent.