Tuesday, February 8, 2011

After the Feast

"Who practices hospitality entertains God himself'

Prime Roast from Orchard's Fresh Market in Whittier
The star of the Super Bowl Feast was neither team nor entertainment. 

Was it the food? Close. It was the guests we shared our home with, John and Trisha Bowler.

Blanched green beans kick up the quality of 3 bean salad

 Our TV is large, but the  family room is small. To make viewing equally enjoyable for 4 adults and 2 Chihuahuas - the recliners and love seat were scootched and a footstool brought in.

Being as casual an event as can be served this side of a pajama kidnapping- the emphasis was on ease of self serve.

 A bar sink filled with ice kept the Asti Spumante, beer and soda cold.

The appetizers were set on the dining table. Never know when a dog will forget its manners- hence the chairs were escorted to where their potential function of doggy-ladder would not become an issue. 

The main course covered the center island.

The desserts were on  a sideboard.

My heart goes out to Christina Aguilera on her forgetting (oops) the words to our National Anthem. I would rather write about the totally awesome red and diamond high healed shoes that changed an all black outfit from funereal to party-time.

Alas, perhaps the good which will come from this mishap is future artists will come to treat their performance of the Star Spangled Banner with more reverence than if it were the musical equivalent of a cross stitch sampler. This music is as sacred as can be without church ownership. This song is not about the singer- let go of the narcissism which is a hazard of  performance related profession. Just sing it plain and simple. With heart and conviction. Think Whitney Houston and Faith Hill.

The Black Eyed Peas performance at half time: it made leaving the room to catch a breath much easier. What were the event planners thinking? Perhaps they decided their is life on Mars and they wanted to capture it. Not only don't I not get it- I don't care to get it. You?

Congratulations to both the Packers and the Steelers. I'm still mystified about how briefly getting on your knees in honest thanks to God came to be viewed as unsportsmanlike rule breaking. But when wide receiver Greg Jennings closed the broadcast with giving all glory to God, I was supremely happy. And hopeful.

When our friends left, thoughts of thankfulness filled my heart. Enjoying convivial comradeship in our home has become increasingly rare. This evening reminded me how good it is to have a home to welcome friends to. God has been good to me beyond what I deserve. As Joel Osteen said in a recent sermon,  it is better to His glory not to hide His blessings away. 


  1. Lyida, your remarks made me feel like I was there with you all. So glad that Trisha and "St. John" could join you. It's always better to share the fun.

    Of course the outcome was disappointing to me as a Steeler fan. However, it provoked a lot of fun rivalry with my son in love. He told me yesterday, "your Steelers couldn't grate the cheese!" Tee hee.

    Loved the Joel Olsteen quote.


  2. Hey, Judy!

    Know what I noticed about this Super Bowl- people had favorites- but the intensity was different. It was more about the game than the team. In my circle, at least.

  3. Lydia,

    What a lovely post! I am so appreciative that we have such good friends who were so thoughtful to invite us to share in your fun day. It was so nice to get away from this never ending renovation in our own home to your comfy and lovely home. You and Ger were the consummate hosts making us feel warm and welcomed. I did feel bad when you were struggling with that heavy couch moving it around so we could see better. It was cozy and fun tho.
    The food was fabulous as evident by my making such a pig of myself that I couldn't even eat the main course! Had it last night tho and it was soooo good!
    Loved your beautiful quotes!
    Be sure to thank Ger again for us!

    XO Trisha

  4. I am pea green I couldn't be there with you too. xo

  5. Sue- Hang on to the pea green. It will look very good come St Patrick's Day):-

  6. The food looks quite scrumptious, Lydia...! Alas.....I did not see or watch the SuperBowl, except for about two minutes...So, I know not of what you speak---EXCEPT---poor Christina Aquillara's gaff has been played over and over ad naseum by every show on the planet---I feel for her. The nerves that must come with knowing you are singing before 600 hundred million people have to be more than fierce...! I forgive her this gaff----and believe her heart was in the right place....The Super Bowl has gotten sooo very big...The pressure must be incredible!

  7. Dear DOOLH- Athletes and Performers probably share the knowledge that success is not latched onto with the claws that accompany mistakes.

    I still remember the horror of when in 1972 I hit a high note on the French Horn usually only reached by cats being ripped apart in a fight to the death.

    I hope young musicians when they make such a mistake look to Miss Aguillera and know: chin up. The show will go on.


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