Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter So Cal Style

Plan B was ever so much as good as Plan A.- which was dinner for 2 on our patio.  Once the sun came out, we drove to the newlywed's home. This is the day in pictures.   
Shannon's sister Tracy with Catch of the Day

Hubby Gerry not minding a day away from being  linked to a lap-top computer. 

Off-season, Orange County beaches are uncrowded.

Two windsurfers in the distance. One "catching" air

Seagulls in formation

Gerry with Shannon. Jeannie  with Craig Morris

The wind kicking up at Sunset Beach,  the non-fishermen decided it was time to walk across Pacific Coast Highway to pull together the feast. Untraditional, but right for the space and place we were fortunate enough to find ourselves at today. 

Ice Plant paints a literal line in the sand between beach and civilization

For erosion control at the beach, the fatest juicy ice plant work wonders. Inland, to hold a hillside, the weight of coarser varieties cause more problems than solve. Inland, the finer rice to medium jelly bean-sized sized leaves are the way to go.

Just across the street, is another world where there is no wind or blowing sand.  

Here, I could bequeath the hostess gift:a bouquet from my garden - assembled just before we left home.
My signature arrangements are casual, at their core roses of different sizes, scents and formations.  

 Height depends upon what the garden has to offer. Today, red Valerian and scented geranium all but leaped into the arrangement.

For sparkly-light filler, bursts of parsley blooms add herbal charm.  

The table was casual. Shannon pulled together generous offerings of fruit and appetizers for her family and us. Her parents and sisters dropped in more food, including her mother's strawberry trifle. Kenny ordered calzones- which I have no idea how we managed to eat, but we did.  Our contribution to the table was a bottle of  The Maverick's Signature Series  label syrah I featured last October. Oh my, that is GOOD wine.

Note to self: remember to pick up another bottle next time I'm in OC at NapaStyle.

Our prayers go out to those whose holiday was marred by misfortune of bad weather.  

Particularly for you-  Godspeed and Good Fortune.


  1. Lydia,

    What a fun day you had! I'm surprised that you didn't get rained on as we had rain for a good part of the day here.

    Loved your flowers. It's such fun to grow your own and give as hostess gifts. John brought me a bouquet on Friday for Easter. I was touched and enjoy them so much.

    Thanks for sharing all the great photos!

    XO Trisha

  2. Lyida, by the time I left here in Seal Beach for Torrance, the rain and stopped. Torrance was clear and beautiful and it truly was a blessed day for me as it certainly looked the same for you.

    Next trip to Napa Style, stop by here first and I'll go with you. Want to get some of that wonder salt you gave me for Christmas last.

    May you and all the family be blessed with many more years of healthy, happy Easters.


  3. Hi Trisha and Judy- We were so thankful for the break in the weather. Wind is sure different when you are where it is so easy to get out of it.

    My poor car needs a good polishing after leaving it out in what we think is rain and most parts of the country call drizzle.

  4. Sorry it took me so long to get to your blog. Your day looked and sounded fun. God Blessed us all on Easter with sun or rain. We had some of both. xooxxo


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