Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Iris and the Writer's Duty

In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. As the sun unites Earth and heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity.*
Assorted Iris

In this vase, Gene Sasse collected from his garden, Iris linked the hostess he presented it to with the fragrance of his garden.

In a morning "welcome back" chat this morning while coffee did its best to cut through the "ship lag"  I asked Gene about where his love of iris comes from. "The fragrance" were the first words out his mouth. He hadn't realized how lovely the scent of the white repeat bloom 'frequent flyer' was until he brought it inside.

It has been a very full day. Technically, I am on vacation. But there are times when this calling of being a writer means words will not wait. They must come because the time calls for them. When Helen Doss slipped quietly from this life to the next, there is no question of what should I do. Just when is best for a family when no time is good.

I met with Helen's family today.  Collected notes from other sources. Tomorrow I will write her memorial for DiamondBarPatch.com. My style of obituary is to honor the deceased with a loving reflection of the person more than her accomplishments. In meeting with her only husband and their daughter I learned that Helen favored mint green, roses and the orchids her husband built a greenhouse to hold.

Chris Dortignac (60th ADRCC RPLAC)  expressed the esteem of a woman he worked with  in the world of politics.

"(Helen was)  gracious, humble, cheerful, loving, selfless, hardworking, woman who loved to spend time with her grandchildren. I observed a woman who accomplished far more in this world than most folks nowadays ever will, because she was not afraid to work tirelessly for that which she loved and believed in. "

Tonight before my eyes close for the night I will say a prayer for God to guide my fingers across the keyboard tomorrow. Let them type who Helen was. May the hunger we all feel for those we admire but will never see again- to know something of the person we can no longer ask- let the published piece fill that void. Until  we meet again- rest in peace, Dear Helen.



  1. Oh Lydia,

    No doubt you will do a beautiful job writing about Helen for the Patch.
    Helen was such a wonderful lady that I know the words will spill forth. I am not saying this because she was always willing to step forward to volunteer but because of the kind and giving spirit she was. When my son was jobless, she hired him to help her pick out, purchase, install a new computer. After that when she had any Internet problems she would call Kevin and he would fix her problem by remote. Kevin didn't want to charge her much for all that but she was very generous with him.
    I didn't like driving into Los Angeles at night for the RPLAC meetings so Gene and Helen would always give Edda and me a ride with them.
    Gene and Helen and I manned the phones in several locations in the last election. We knew we could always depend on the Doss's when it came to a phone bank.
    I would tell her that she didn't need to put out so many delicious eats when she held the central committee meetings at their house but she did anyway. She was a wonderful hostess.
    I could go on and on but I will stop and just say that we loved Helen and we will miss her terribly.

    Hugs, Trisha

  2. Must get some iris. All of my clients this week have them in THEIR gardens !!

    And each client said they were gifts from dear friends.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  3. Dear Tara! Do get some iris! They are easy to grow, get lovelier every year. Monet loved them. why shouldn't we?


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