Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Cruising and Time to Build a Nest

The rings and vows exchanged and sealed with kisses, it is time to take pictures.

Sarah Maxwell, Tracy Morris, Brie Johnson, Kelly Morris, Lauren Upper and Maggie Stevens give Shannon and Kenny a group hug

The bride asked the bridesmaids to pick out yellow dresses that suited their style and figures. 

This added a bit or creativity and individuality to what are sometimes dull uniforms that inspired the movie 27 Dresses  

Justin Clark, Tony Baiza, Brett Christensen, Trevor Plunk, Eric Plunk and Eric Jr hold still- all at the same time. A historical first, in honor of the bride and groom
 To keep costs down for the guys, it was men in black except for Kenny. And the ring bearers, Tracy's sons (aka cousins of our yet to be conceived grandchildren) who donned matching yellow sweaters that will be just swell over Easter and other occasions.  

 Then it was time to move the party to the Rex Room. A fun area dressed in faux fur with a row of tele-screens proclaiming

Then it was time to toast the newlyweds by the brides' sister Tracy Morris, the groom's brother Trevor and the brides's father, Craig. Trevor added a humorous moment when he brought up his initial reaction to his freshly brought home baby brother, now a groom.

Trevor's toast

We had promised Trevor a baby brother to play with. Which he took literally. Kenny spent his first weeks in a bassinet dodging incoming tinker toy airplanes. Trevor asked for a new brother. When he came home from preschool to his Grannie Ethel and no mom or brother- Trevor burst into inconsolable tears. He was afraid we had gone to exchange Kenny, and by that time he had grown attached....

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. We're going to start talking about food.

As previously mentioned, I turned off the journalist for the cruise. However, Kelly Morris (who teaches at our sons' first alma mater Maple Hill Elementary) prodded my memory about the grand appetizer buffet that was laid out before the non-sailing guests had to depart. 

Kelly remembers "duck empanadas, spanikopita, melon balls wrapped in prosciutto, sushi, salmon bundles."

I remember blue cheese stuffed mushroom balls, egg rolls and chicken skewers.

We both remember the cake. It was GOOD. But what was it? A couple of us thought it had some sort of citrus liquor livening it up, but when asked Shannon thought it may have been a vanilla bean cake with butter cream frosting.  I didn't find the answer on-line, so a call to the travel agent has gone out....

Back home, I have this wonderful distraction. Just outside my study window, in the arms of a variegated weeping fig, a hummingbird is building its diminutive nest. The image and video were shot from my desk through wide- set wooden blinds. 


  1. Oh thank you Lydia for more wedding details! Oh doesn't Shannon look fabulous? That figure!!!
    Now, do tell why you said "the groom's father, Craig". LOL

    Now please tell us about the cruise food and how you liked it. Also did you stop in any ports? Well, I know you did because any ship that sails from America has to touch a foreign port before coming back into the USA. It's the law. When we were on our Hawaiian cruise we had to touch port in Ensenada. We were docked there for one hour. They had a HUGH Mexican flag there.

    Did you buy any of the ship's photographer photos? Any shopping shore?

    Eager for more! :):)
    XO Trisha

  2. Trisha- Thank you for the correction. Not made- there was "Chinatown" movie notoriety in the text):- .

    Haven't had a chance to really recover since leaving the ship. Think I better take some serious time off today.

    More to follow....

  3. I just love the way everyone looks... and Shannon and Kenny look devine! Is Sarah Maxwell related to me??? The food, to die for... got me drooling. Mmmmm... blue cheese stuffed mushrooms. Gotta do that.

    I am PEA GREEN you have a hummer nest you can watch! LUCKY YOU!! I just love those little guys.

    Thanks for the post. xo

  4. It looks like a "fun" wedding! I'm seeing more and more non-traditional ceremonies these days. It really makes for a more personal affair.

    I loved seeing your little hummingbird. You mentioned, when you visited, that they are frequent visitors. We have a number of them ourselves - as well as a host of other wildlife. It's one of the things that makes gardening so wonderful!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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