Friday, April 15, 2011

Garden Blooming Blog Day - April 2011

We interrupt the cruise recap  to bring you Garden Blooming Blog Day.


This is as close to getting the fuchsia to stop blooming as I have managed.  The orchid potted atop a bird bath is a nice counter-balance on the other side of the front porch. Many of the pots in the garden are glazed blue. One cannot have too much blue around.

This is one of the roses I obtained a license to import from the UK a few years back. A true lesson in logistics.

The white fairy-like hovering of iris 'Nada' blooms bobbing on their wiry black stems enchant a relatively ancient stand of clivia that populate the space between "our secret" to a long marriage. His and hers sheds):-

The yellow tabebuia- Hawaii's gift to the California landscape- towers at the front window- like a yellow -orchid tree. With the heat wave, I expect the flowers will soon drop, leaving long pods to clip before they turn into ugly brown thingies.

Speaking of yellow orchids. This bright canary- hued beauty  was bought end of season, 1/2 price a half-dozen years ago. She's been a real trooper blooming all but the one year I divided her late. Slow to expand her territory- the mother plant finally looks to be "pregnant" with quintuplet offshoots showing- it looks like next year will be a bumper crop.

Thank you to Carol May for hostessing this International sharing of the kaleidescope of color.

Babiana add a nice purple note rising above the ground cover that escaped a terrerium.  Viva la escapees.

Mr. Squirrel is enjoying his snack of the last of the tangerines.  I like that my garden melts into the wilderness. Formal gardens have their place, but they do not touch my heart in the same way as when spontenaity flourishes.



  1. Gorgeous flowers! Thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. Beautiful! I haven't ever seen or heard of the Hawaiian tree. So pretty! I really miss the fuschia's... its too cold here in NC.

  3. Very nice photos! I especially like the rose from the UK....
    Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment about my photography. Best wishes.

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous, Lydia! And that little "pot-bellied" squirrel is so cute.

    Thanks for visiting my cottage. I would love to have you join my party each week. Anything family friendly can be linked.

    By the way, I just became a follower.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  5. Good morning early birds. I enjoyed the visits from around the nation. I learn so much from my sisters-in-garden.

    Should the good Lord ever allow circumstances that part me from this place- it gives me confidence that Eden follows in the gardenener's footsteps. Or is it flight path?

    Brambleberry- You made my day. One the weather stations promises will peek at about 94 degrees.

  6. Just beautiful. I LOVE fuchsias but alas can't grow them here. Your garden is so inviting. I hope to get to join you there and sip wine one of these days!

  7. Looks like you've got a lot blooming. I really like that yellow orchid. Glad to hear it will be spreading out soon. And why would you want to stop that fuchsia from blooming? It looks great.

  8. Lovely garden you have! I like the yellow orchid.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on WMG!


  9. I'm glad I found your many beautiful flowers and you have a beautiful philosophy of life! Thank you for sharing them!

  10. Thank you to the latter arrivals on blooming blog day. I'm not really wanting the fuchsia to stop blooming. Just shocked it hasn't. When I placed it there, I wasn't sure it was the right spot. It is really the RIGHT spot):-

  11. A Beautiful Spring is happening in your Garden, Lydia...! More than lovely---It is all GORGEOUS!

  12. Beautiful photo's! A belated happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day to you!

  13. Wonderful Garden and simply the best post I have ever come across. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. Cheers.

  14. The garden looks amazing, particularly those beautiful yellow flowers.


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