Thursday, May 29, 2008

Viva la Difference

"A world without differences is a world that denies people their deepest attachments to history and to the future, to memory and to inheritance,"
- Natan Sharansky

In this nation we respect our neighbors of different races, cultures and faith. So it would seem to be quite in keeping with the American spirit to have our gardens express to the outside world honestly whom are on the inside. Viva la difference.
My garden is nothing formal. It is fun-loving. Quirky. Wants to love and be loved. An All-American Mutt of a Garden.
Like me. Like my dog, Reno. That's her on the lawn, enjoying a massage.

God Bless all the wonderful garden centers in Southern California. Like gardeners and our gardens, these businesses share personalities with their owners.
Coming home from an appointment in Pomona, I am passing The Garden, a hippie-wonderful garden center behind the proudly porched vintage bungalow on busy Garey Avenue. My car pulls over and lets me out into an enchanted land of long-ago where bees pollinate flowers, picnic furniture paint is allowed to gracefully age and I imagine chickens are free to wander.

The gravel driveway which leads to the nursery area crunches beneath my feet.
The proprietress, Dawn Van Allen, is watering way out back on the deep rectangular plot. She hollers a friendly acknowledgement. Make myself at home. She'll be right there to help.
She carries Annie's Annuals 'Fama Blue' Scabiosa . My heart skips a beat. No shipping from Richmond- YEAH. I pick out a couple. I picture their bright blue pincushion-shaped blossoms nodding on thin stems making the yellow sunshine of the "lonely" yarrow beam brighter in the sunny front planting strip.

Dawn and I get to talking roses.

To make sure I would not attempt to use them again, I have thrown out my dirty, stiff, hot leather rose gauntlets. They had been worn to the point that they were dangerous. What would she recommend?
She models the West County rose gloves. Not only are they just as gorgeous as the picture suggests- the fingers are flexible, the palms are padded, they can go in the washer and dryer- and what will be important in July and August- the fabric, while protective: it breathes.

Roses are like people. We are what we eat and so are they. Dawn is quite taken with Dr. Earth fertilizers. They nudge rather than shove, which is far better for the ultimate health of the garden. I agree. Dr. Earth products are fabulous to feed your roses when you want them to give you their very best.

The Garden is located at:845 N Garey Ave Pomona, CA 91767-4615
Call (909) 620-0199 for hours

To see the 'Fama Blue' Scabiosa click on


Anonymous said...

Wow Reno! Wish I was living a dog's life! You've got it made!!

Anonymous said...

How generous of you to share your garden with those of us who are encouraged to do better with our own. Your Benji dog certainly appreciates your efforts.

Thanks for the wonderful descriptions which motivate. I'm familiar with the garden on Garey and encourage those in the area to have their own cars drop them there.