Saturday, May 3, 2008

Creating Eden

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty…”

From formless emptiness long ago, the landscape on a barren planet was sculpted from land that rose above the waters.
Once the conditions were right to support life, God planted a garden. It was lush and peaceful. He filled it full of living creatures. Once this garden was ready, God created mankind. So believe the followers of Abrahamic religions.
Creating this first garden is how the Almighty acted as the first gardener. We need no formal training to follow His lead in creating our personal Eden. We need only look to His good example. In His wisdom, He planted gifts for all our senses in the garden. To promote healthy body, mind and soul, all the senses need nourishment.
There is no more delightful awakening than to the cheerful serenade of birds. A tiny pond motor will force still waters to gurgle in a pot or fountain- a natural audible tone that calls thirsty birds to sip. But water alone is not enough. Fill a hanging feeder with black Nyjer seeds: then listen for the soft staccato of finches. A larger feeder set on a firm post platform filled with a songbirds mix attracts even more birds that prefer solid footing to be coaxed into singing for their snacks.
Try choosing a plant as you do perfume. Drop by your favorite garden center. Stand in front of any display. Lean in with your eyes closed. Inhale. Select a jasmine, rose or lavender based upon how the scent makes you feel. Take your selection home. When the plant is in your garden, touch the blossoms and wear their scent on your fingertips.
The Internet has opened the world of horticulture discovery. Go on the Internet to look up Greenwood Daylily Gardens at The owner, John Schoustra, is passionate about providing plants that thrive in our Southern California climate.
He is introducing a line of no-fuss lilacs requiring so little chill that they bloom with abandon, even along the coast. The white blooming ‘Snowy’ Beach Party ™ lilac is now on the market and available through Greenwood Daylily Gardens.
May is peak season at their growing grounds in Somis, near Thousand Oaks. It is worth finding driving directions on their website to see a horticulture business operating in its native habitat.
The grounds are only open to the public briefly, from 9:30am -4:00pm on Saturdays, now through June. Some plants, including tables loaded with scented geraniums, are available only if you visit.

The first 4 photographs are by Gene Sasse and used with permission and gratitude.


  1. These are beautiful!


  2. Very beautiful - he's really good!


  3. Absolutely beautiful. What enjoyment you're obtaining from your lovely and gorgeous garden. How are the snakes? How's the arm?


  4. Chuck Barstow, the Physical Therapist at Fitness Advantage in Diamond Bar, helped the arm heal in record time.

    I am really "behaving"- no climbing in trees or on hillsides- and haven't golfed yet. But I am itching to get back on the course.

    Haven't had a snake since the one (yuck)invaded the birdhouse. That was #4. Thank God none were poisonous and none were in my house.


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