Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CAT Scans and Puppy Paws

The caller ID said it was our son. Should be him calling to wish his father a happy birthday. But on the other end of the line was a voice we didn’t recognize. The ambulance siren could be heard in the background.
Our oldest child had collapsed playing golf. He was conscious now. We had the name of the hospital. We got directions and started a list of Thank yous to God.
Thank God he was on a golf course and not driving. Thank God he had his cell phone in the cart. Thank God it wasn’t locked so the men he was with could scroll through 300 numbers and find one named “Dad”. Thank God his wife was reachable. She was concerned, but didn’t panic. Thank God for our sister-in-law who picked up the phone. She lives closer to where our son was. Of course she would meet our son’s wife at the hospital. None of us said it out loud- but just in case.
Thank God the traffic was light on a get-away Friday. Pulling into the hospital parking lot two hours after we were notified that our child was having a medical emergency , we prayed that at the end of the day, all our thoughts sent to heaven remain proclamations of Thank God.
Good color. Alert. He looked pretty good when we turned the corner to where he was now surrounded by loved ones waiting for test results. The nurse told us that the CAT scan results would be back soon. I asked if there would be a puppy scan to follow. Aren’t you glad with this sense of humor that I’m not your mother?
In were wheeled two of the CUTEST Pomeranian puppies. They were wearing their hospital uniforms- vests that designate them has having successfully passed rigorous training through Animal Samaritans. They work as Therapy Dogs. The volunteer taking them on rounds was Martha Smilie. She explained that the hospital can be a stressful place, but people will often relax around the dogs. I sure did.
To learn more about the SPCA 501 (C) (3) organization dedicated to using the goodness of the bond between animals and people, please log onto

Our son is doing well. The big lesson of the day turned out to be to drink lots of water before spending the day out in the sun. Dehydration is not just dangerous. Sometimes it is quick.

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