Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Climb Your Mountain

Whatever your mountain is, you can climb it.
The trick is, you can't start at the distant mountain's base. You have to start where you are. You have to be honest. Pinpoint where you are. Decide where you want to go. Make plans. Prepare. Anticipate that the journey absolutely will not go as planned.
That's okay. It was no accident that when Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence for the thirteen American colonies, the inalienable right was not to the pursuit of perfection, but to happiness.

The roadblock to climbing my mountains- both figurative and real- was not really hard. Except making the commitment to start. Then it was simply one foot in front of the other.
This is the story of some of what transpired on the journey from being the person in the photo on the left to becoming the person in the photo on the right.
This journey was much easier because of the professional staff at Fitness Advantage in Diamond Bar, California. This month, they chose to feature my success story in their newsletter. This is my testimonial-

My Life has changed since I joined Fitness Advantage.

Originally, I joined to lose some weight. For every pound I lost, I gained
confidence. Eventually, optimal health became my new goal.

As my weight went down, so did my blood pressure. My blood sugar and
cholesterol levels normalized. Being part of a family where diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke are common, it is really satisfying to see real results that prove that taking charge makes a difference.

Looking back, what I appreciate most is the professional attitude of the staff. Every step of the way, my trainers were there to guide and support me. Having a tailor-made program to suit my needs (as well as my goals) was instrumental to my success.

Achieving optimal health and fitness has positively affected every area of my life. Earlier this year I broke my arm. My doctors were amazed at my speedy recovery. I credit this to two things: 1.) My overall health and physical conditioning and 2.) Having done my physical therapy with Chuck Barstow, Fitness Advantage Physical Therapist. He is an outstanding therapist. Thank you Chuck!

Trust and professionalism are not words often associated with fitness centers. I trust my health and the fine professionals at Fitness Advantage.”

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