Friday, May 23, 2008

Dove at the Fountain

It's a blustery day. Heaven's cold breath is slowing down the pace for a few precious days. It's the kind of day to hang-out inside. Take a break. Look back at recent photographs. Think about what lessons that might have been missed in the rush of immediate concerns the day they were taken.

Look closely at the top photo: you will see a dove on the far right edge, peering at the camera, deciding if it is safe to take a drink with a human so close by.
The dove has decided I mean it no harm. He turns and teaches. I wonder: is it the bird's easy acceptance of the large creatures we people are compared to him that has made him a universal symbol of peace?

California is in a budget crisis. People are concerned with how they will stay afloat in economic uncertainty. Yet, the papers report about grand plans to expand nature centers. Not that this isn't a well-intended idea- but- Is this the time?

If the goal is to ingrain an appreciation for nature in children- which really teaches a more valuable lesson- a nature center they have to get on a bus to be lectured at- or to have those same children become actively engaged in creating a wildlife-friendly garden at home? What say you?

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