Thursday, May 15, 2008

Momentary Miracle

“You can tell a lot about a person by looking at his environment. It’s as dangerous as telling someone your dreams.”
- Charles Arnoldi

The wings of the hummingbird were soft against my cheek. A momentary miracle that made my heart dance.
Hundreds of birds entertain us. Hummingbirds to hawks. Finches to falcons. Not in a faraway park away on holiday. No. This is here. All day. Every day. In Diamond Bar.
Our garden is friendly to wildlife. Purposely so. Food. Water. Nesting. Shelter. Providing these makes chirping the alarm we wake to. We watch wings being washed and preened by tiny beaks and we believe. What we do makes a difference.


  1. I really liked that one - excellent! I love hummingbirds too - hearing and seeing them. They are so tiny and delicate. Sounds like you have a safe haven in your back yard for all kinds of plants and critters. I hope to see your garden someday - it sounds like a slice of God's paradise on earth.


  2. When you come you'll have to bring your camera. I am in permanent awe of those talented enough to capture a moment in a single image.
    This morning (the 17th) a hawk swooped in through the tree branches. Landed on the patio roof. Checked out the feeders and fountains before going back across the canyon in search of his own breakfast.

  3. Oh my gosh, Lydia. I am impressed with your photographic skills (isn't it nearly impossible to capture a hummingbird "still" and at rest? How did you do it?)

    I also love your language. especially the last sentence about knowing your little gestures make a big difference. Thank you. well said. debra

  4. Thank you for dropping in, Debra.
    Think of my garden as being an aviary without screens. The hummingbirds are pretty fearless: they will let people observe them close up. The little fountains give the birds a destination to hold a pose at. Still, it probably took a year of aiming the lens in their general direction at regular intervals to get the one shot worth posting.
    One Sunday not long ago there was a flock of orioles brunching here for three hours.


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